Maja Kostić - Mandić, is a full professor at the University of Montenegro Faculty of Law. Her main fields of expertise are Private International Law, Environmental Law, International Commercial Arbitration law and Human Rights.

Her career is marked by her interest in linking legal theory with practice. Since 2005 she is strongly committed to research, expert work and teaching on EU law.

She coordinated and worked on numerous international and national projects and as a leading national expert was in charge of progress monitoring in harmonizing Montenegrin with the EU law in the field of environment for more than 30 directives (2005-2009); as a member of the Parliament of Montenegro she gave her professional view regarding the most important legal acts of a newly independent state and their alignment with the EU law (2006-2009); as an independent legal expert took part in drafting Private International Act which is strongly influenced by the EU law; as a member of European network of legal experts she is the author of annual reports on the alignment of the Montenegrin law with the EU non-discrimination directives.

She introduced and gradually increased number of classes on EU law for all her university courses. She is the author (for graduate) and co-author (for a primary and secondary school) of textbooks on EU law. She was a mentor or a member of the commission for several master thesis on EU topics, and the Committee member for defending doctoral thesis 'L'influence du droit communautaire sur la régulation publique de la concurrence dans les pays d'Europe de l'Est' of Irena Dajković, at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Nantes, France.

She has more than 100 published items, including 12 monographs, books and textbooks (among them, 6 published in EU countries). Most of those works address or focus on EU law in their respective field.

She is involved in numerous trainings and lectures for different stakeholders on environmental topics and is a lecturer at Montenegrin Judicial Training Centre, where teaches EU Private international law to Montenegrin judges.

Among other things, she is a Van Calker scholar of the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, a Chevening scholar of the University College London and a scholar of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law.

She is a member of the Board for Legal and Political Sciences of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts and a Vice President of the Montenegrin Association of Lawyers.

She is the winner of the Accolade of the University of Montenegro for the special contributions in the development of scientific research, professional and artistic work and international positioning of the University in 2020 upon the proposal of the Faculty of Law.

She is fluent in English and Italian, speaks French and German.

Professor Maja Kostić-Mandić, PhD

Professor Dražen Cerović is a full professor at UoM Faculty of Law since 2019.  He is the expert member of SIGMA for the area of public administration in Montenegro. He was the Advisor to the President of the Constitutional Assembly of the Republic of Montenegro in the period 2006-2008. He was the Advisor to the Government of Montenegro, within the Coordination Team for the Strategy on Euro-Atlantic Integrations in the period 2008-2011.

He is a member of the Senate of the Association of Lawyers of Montenegro. He was a member of the Council for Civil Control of Police Work since 2015, and the President of the Council since 2017. He is the President of the Association for Democratic Legal Order, which brings together experts in the field of public law since 2001. He was the academic director of the Centre for Public Administration of Montenegro 2003-2005. He is an Associate is the University of Texas in Dallas and Arlington.

He was the national coordinator of the European Agency for Reconstruction for the Public Administration Reform project in Montenegro 2001-2002. He is a member of several expert teams and working groups of the Parliament and the Government of Montenegro He was the President of the Court of Honour of the University of Montenegro. He was the Vice-

Dean for teaching of the Law Faculty of the University of Montenegro in the period 2009-2011.

Professor Dražen Cerović, PhD

Professor Aneta Spaić, PhD

Dr Aneta Spaić is the dean of the Law School University of Montenegro. Since 2018, she serves as the member of the Prosecutorial Council of Montenegro, a body with the mandate, among else, to monitor the quality of implementation of national criminal legislation, as well as national regulatory framework on protection of human rights, with the latter including human rights protection standards embodied in European Convention on Human Rights.

She also serves as arbitrator of the International Arbitration Court attached to Chamber of Commerce. She is the member of the scientific board of the University of Montenegro, and the member of the Global Young Academy in Berlin. In 2010 she was appointed for the national correspondent by Government of Montenegro in UNCITRAL.

She gave lectures/speeches on various business legal issues ranging from arbitration, privacy rights, EU law, from 2000 to 2014 in a variety of forums from Washington DC to Dallas, Texas to New York, and countries such as Austria, Belgrade, Croatia, Germany, Montenegro, Netherlands and Spain. In addition, she experienced teaching law in law schools and undergraduate forums, having taught International Business Law at Washington and Lee Law School, Lexington, VA.

She is the (co) author of monographs entitled Commercial and Economic Law in Montenegro and Media Law in Montenegro published by Kluwer International, New Lex Mercatoria and Termination of Sale Contract, Mediation in Commercial Disputes, Legal Aspects of Mitigating Risks in Project Finance and (co) writer of significant number of articles in the scientific, professional international and national journals. Her areas of interest are: Media Law, EU Law, International and EU Business Law, International Contract Law, and International Commercial Arbitration.

Nikola Dožić is a teaching assistant at the Faculty of law University of Montenegro since 2014, and is currently in the selection process for the first academic title of Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law. Therefore, by the time of the perceived start of MLEUIM, he will be Assistant professor.

He is an author of number of papers on consumer protection in Montenegro, and European law perspectives in this field.

Since 2017, he is a member of the Centre for Young Scientists of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Since 2017, he is a member of the Consumer Protection Council of the Ministry of Economy of the Government of Montenegro.

From 2018 to July 2019, he served as Secretary of the CANU Centre for Young Scientists.
In July 2019, he was elected President of CANU's Centre for Young Scientists and Artists.

Assistant Professor, Nikola Dožić, PhD

Nikolina Tomović was born on May 20th 1998 in Podgorica, where she finished High school of economics "Mirko Vešović", in the legal-administrative section. For the excellent results she was awarded the "Luča" award. She continued her legal studies at the Faculty of Law, University of Montenegro, where she completed undergraduate studies in 2020 and gained a Bachelor’s degree with an average grade of 9.69.

She was awarded with Dean's Award for remarkable success during her studies, but also with the First Prize in Speech competition of students of law schools in Montenegro. She is currently attending a two-year master's degree in Business law at the Faculty of Law University of Montenegro, whose curriculum integrates the Jean Monnet Module in law of the EU internal market.

During her studies, she attended numerous conferences and seminars covering various fields, such as protection of personal data, free access to information, diplomacy, human rights, parliamentary practice and many others, of which she highlights the Winter School and Pre-moot on investment arbitration in Skopje, organised by The Open Regional Fund SEE – Legal Reform project, as well as participation in the 27th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, a world competition in the field of commercial arbitration, where together with her team she achieved the best results since the Faculty of Law University of Montenegro participates in this prestigious competition.

She did a volunteer internship as a legal practitioner at the Agency for Personal Data Protection and Free Access to Information for a few months, an internship at the Daily Press – Vijesti, and for years was voluntarily engaged as part of the student’s radio station team, Creative Radio School (KRŠ), where she worked as a program editor, speaker, as well as the author of several radio shows of educational and cultural-informative content. She attended the HR Starter Programme on an innovative approach to HR as a strategic function in the company and business environment. Since November 2020, she has been engaged as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law, University of Montenegro.

During her high school years, she practiced debate, volunteering and humanitarian work, and also worked as a coordinator of various project activities in the field of youth activism and youth education, where she was a lecturer and mentor for students and high school students. Nikolina speaks English and uses Italian.

Research Assistant, Nikolina Tomović

Jean Monnet Module in Law of the EU Internal Market

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